At DelphianLogic, we see the world differently. We believe there is a smarter way to drive performance by harnessing the combined power of design and technology.

Our solutions help global organizations enhance performance through a unique blend of learning, technology and visual communication solutions. We partner with our clients to design and implement solutions, or components of solutions, that help improve the effectiveness of performance. Successfully introducing solutions for sales enablement and product knowledge that reinforce buyer engagement systematically and consistently. Our solutions for talent management, operations and compliance help maximise business impact by improving efficiency. While transformation solutions for communication and collaboration, learning mobility and gamification drive technology effectiveness and end user productivity.

Why Us

DelphianLogic integrates strategy with business operations and drives performance though a unique blend of learning, technology and internal branding solution.


“You guys are rock stars! You’re on my top billboard list – today and the future wherever I may be. You are to be blamed for the continuous great feedback we get. And now that, the Learning Campus link will be next to everyone’s intranet photo, and the managers academy will launch in the campus (for 10k managers to use and interested non managers) – the work of your brilliant minds will be institutionalized – within 5 months. Your system was built really well! Thank you forever for making a difference in the way we learn! Will never forget!”
Head of Technical Development, General Insurance, one of the largest Insurance companies in Europe
“We would like to congratulate your company on the cartoon guide. It’s great to see such a fresh, user-friendly approach to communication. Now that most of our communication is on-screen, an imaginative, print-based item like this can really stand out. Thank you from all of us at Corporate Publishing!”
Head of Corporate Publishing, Group Communications, Leading Financial Services Company
“We showcased your videos at a global conference in Milan and it went down very well. Not only that, but even my daughters (14 & 17 with no prior knowledge on Insurance concepts) understood it completely and found it brilliant!! Well done!”
Global Head of Operations, A Major European Insurance Company
“We used the video clip at roadshow meetings in Stockholm today (about 40 people, including the CEO) to illustrate our efforts regarding transparency. It worked very well, people loved it and I think the message resonated well in a non-evasive, fun type of way. Great work!
Head Global Transformation, General Insurance Risk Engineering, Global Insurance Company rated as one of the World’s Most Admired Companies by Fortune in 2015
“Dear DelphianLogic colleagues, The LMS looks great. I tried a few things and they worked just as well. Thank you for your work on the development of the LMS, which is a very valuable tool for us. Also, my sincere thanks for your patience (with me) and perseverance to solve the migration problem and bringing the LMS back to life. I guess I was a pain, but you guys did a splendid job! I wish you all the best with admiration and smiles!
Head Planning and Operations, Top 3 Global Pharmaceutical Company
“We had an intensive workshop for three days where our global users tested your tool. The overall feedback has been very positive. Everybody liked the presentation and the usability of the tool. So far a great job! “
Head of Corporate Technical Learning, A Group of Manufacturing Companies selected by Forbes as One of the World’s Most Innovative Companies
“The SharePoint portal is TOTALLY AWESOME! 🙂 It worked great and I really liked the way it simulated clicking through the screens. It had great animation that created visual interest and excitement to the process. Liked it so much I had to test it 5 times 🙂 GREAT JOB! “
International Operations - Technical Training, Senior Learning & Development Consultant, A Top 10 Global Insurance Company
“DelphianLogic had created the “Information Security End User Awareness Training” that was rolled out globally to both the parent and child company in 9 languages. Not only does DL have a reasonable pricing, but also they do a great job. In addition, they are our preferred vendor for eLearnings and I would highly recommend them. The fact that they are in India has never been an issue in terms of time zone, language/communication, etc.”
Pharma IT Risk Manager, A Leading Biotechnology Corporation
“Thank you for your excellent work on the project which led to the production of the courses in all 13 languages. It is really appreciated. This was a very well managed project and I really enjoyed working with you. Planning was perfect – and was perfectly followed throughout the project. All timelines were kept as agreed and the product fulfilled all my expectations. Many thanks to the team and all those involved behind the scenes!”
Chief SHE Officer, World’s Third Largest Pharmaceutical Company
“Even though we gave you such a short timeframe, the eLearning module turned out so beautiful and has been very useful for us. We really appreciate your professionalism and hard work. The entire process has been quite dynamic. We are very grateful. Also, we’ve learnt a lot on how to do a storyboard and what entails eLearning. Thank you so much from our entire team.”
Senior Controller, A Top 5 Global Pharmaceutical Company
“The feedbacks received from our employees were very encouraging! Of 140 contributors who had taken the satisfaction survey, 90% of participants positively rated this course whereas 95% of participants would recommend the course to their colleagues. The project group is very happy with the result. Everyone on the team enjoyed taking the course, so bravo!”
Distance Learning Manager, Talent Management & Corporate University, A Multi-billion French Energy & Transportation Solutions Multinational Company