Our Accelerated Onboarding Solution enables new recruits to get job ready as soon as possible. We believe that a new recruit is likelier to stay in an organization if the onboarding process helps him/her to adapt to a new role and environment more effectively and rapidly. Making recruits feel that they are vital members of the organization from the beginning, further increases their longevity in the organization.

Our Accelerated Onboarding solution allows for a staggered, spiral- learning framework that enables one to understand the organization and the job role quickly and efficiently, preventing information overload common to most onboarding programs. We create portals and mobile apps with an onboarding framework, coupled with learning paths and training elements for new hires. The onboarding framework helps to conduct surveys, create and modify workflows, tracks the progress of new hires and keeps a record of the entire process.

The framework seamlessly integrates existing resources, ensuring that the program is in sync with other training and talent management initiatives within the organization.

Our solution helps to build content nuggets. We take existing resources and integrate them into your program and also create a rich blend of multimedia assets that can be accessed whenever they are needed. The multimedia assets are generally in the format of videos, animations, podcasts, games, quizzes, infographics etc. We also incorporate gamification into the program to keep new hires motivated and inspired.

To meet the goals of Accelerated Onboarding, our well-rounded framework encompasses the following pillars:

The Primary Orientation 

Makes the new hire familiar and comfortable with the new environment as soon as possible and introduces the new hire to the organizational structure, employees, workspace etc.

The Ancillary Orientation

Shows the new hire what the organization is striving for and what their importance to the organization is. It also equips the new hires to start functioning in their role as quickly as possible by providing information about the role and setting role related expectations and goals.

The Social Orientation

Helps the new hire build social bonds that will help them integrate into the organization quickly and adapt to the new environment and culture. It also helps the new hire to understand, adapt and contribute to the organizational culture by providing relevant information and opportunities.