ARdize is an Augmented Reality solution that enhances learning and communication by forging a closer connection between the virtual and the real world through a range of tools and apps. Suitable for a variety of business needs, ARdize enables learning at the point of sales, sales meetings, creating dynamic and interactive brochures, conferences and in replicating almost any real-world work environments.

Most of our clients use ARdize to improve sales effectiveness, increase brand recall and enhance learning by digitally enhancing content. ARdize re-purposes existing digital and static content like Mechanism of Action (MoA) videos, 3D models, multi-media, product brochures, photographs, etc. to ensure interactive and experiential content is available for users at the click of a button.

Features and Applications:

Enhance Meetings
Reuse existing multimedia assets to excite, intrigue and create a lasting effect on the mind of the audience and ensure a memorable meeting experience
New Age Branding
An opportunity to bring your product logo to life or make a physical brochure interactive
Digitize In-Store Learning
Improve shopping experience of your customers in store, or improve point of sale learning of sales representatives
Impactful Conferences
Make your company stand out in discussions with an integrated digital real life experience
Understand how users are using your digital assets in AR and get a grasp on ROI or sales rep adoption through our analytics dashboard

How can ARdize impact your business?

ARdize can be used to train the sales, marketing, and technical teams on the product with simulated learning experience. It can also be used at the point of sales and customer support to deliver exceptional customer experience.


Sales reps can present products, features digital information in your customer’s real world environment helping them make a visual connection, give experiential learning experience, improve engagement, and therefore sell better.

Whether it is accessing the ARdize catalog offline or adding 3D models in your brochure – our solution helps you launch animated or static 3D models through your custom tracker/trigger, driving better branding and visual experience.

ARdize brings learning content closer to the real world, which coupled with microlearning helps reduce training time by more than 50%. Learners can relate to the context, see live, real-time situation, understand and interact with the imperfections and learn from it.

Want to learn more?

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