Blended Learning for LEAN Program

Who is our client?

Our client is one of the leading insurers in Europe. The company provides a range of general and life insurance products and services for individuals, small business, mid-sized and large-sized companies, and multinational corporations. The company is dedicated to helping customers understand and protect themselves from risks and delivering insurance products and services in more than 200 countries around the world. Our client processes well over 125,000 claims annually with a global team of over 8,000 claims professionals ensuring that all their customer receive the same standard of service everywhere

What was their business challenge?

For our client, implementation of the company-wide LEAN program was not just a routine exercise to improve marginal cost-effectiveness. For them, it was an important way to reinforce their strategic direction and increase competitiveness. Our client wanted this initiative to become integral to their culture and aimed for sustained cost transformation. To ensure adoption across the length and breadth of the group the program was to be supported by a training program that not only introduces employees to the LEAN methodology; its workings, features, and benefits but also aimed at reduced seat time of one hour. The training had to be engaging, interactive and contemporary enough in design to remain relevant in practice for at least the next three years. The training was also aimed at providing learners with an opportunity to witness actual examples of LEAN being applied within the organization with insurance-related scenarios, so learners are convinced of successful application of LEAN concepts.

How did DelphianLogic help?

We realized that for our client the implementation of LEAN program was much beyond cost-cutting, it was a way of generating massive productivity gain that would allow them to achieve new heights of competitiveness by rethinking the way they deliver products and manage costs. To ensure this level of mobilization, our approach to training needed to empower the teams at various levels and reinforce applicability of the concept at every stage. We devised a blended learning approach, which meant instead of running the standard eight-hour classroom session, learners could now take the two and a half hour online training followed by a two hour ‘Power Session’. A small group of 8-12 learners could bring in an initiative they were leading and be mentored by an experienced LEAN practitioner on the application of the LEAN method. Steps were taken to ensure that all exercises in the course would be related to the universal insurance value chain of a customer acquiring an insurance policy. Additionally, experiences and results from already implemented projects were incorporated into the eLearning course as reference examples to demonstrate actual results achieved.

The client relied on DelphianLogic for these key responsibilities:

• Diagnosing of the business problem and recommending a solution

• Creating a roadmap for implementation with process re-wiring wherever required

• Structuring full content, identifying key messages and making it more efficient

• Identifying the most appropriate approach for delivery and instruction

• Supporting the initiative with to increase awareness and interest

• Managing the project from initial consultation through final content redevelopment and delivery

Results and Benefits

We served our client by creating an efficient onboarding program that :

• Increased effectiveness in the adoption of the program by 40%

• Improved learner ratings of the lean program by over 50%

• Reduced learning time by 56% for quick implementation

By using our blended training approach, our client can ensure that cost transformation is a part of every employee’s mandate creating a culture of continuous improvement.

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