With the constant evolution of business, Training Certification for associates at all levels continues to grow exponentially. Learners have to understand new skills, learn on the job and scale up. Professional development of employees becomes crucial for organizations that are concerned about employee productivity and make it a key component of Talent Management. Focusing on certifications means equipping employees with some competencies that will make a significant difference to performance and strengthen the culture of operational excellence and innovation. In reality, however, organizations often struggle with a long list of certification demands and some even require a time commitment from employees for the investments made for their learning. These make it difficult for organizations to structure a plan for investment in talent development with a comprehensive focus on skill development and certification for promotion and career advancements.

We view the entire process as a dynamic, direct lever for achieving business goals cutting across functions and levels.

Our legacy of working closely with Talent Management strategies help us devise an approach that ensures the varying requirements of learner engagement to ensure changes in competencies, skills, and behavior. Apart from ensuring organizational readiness for measurement and evaluation, we leverage the various data generated from the performance management process and provide recommendations to increase effectiveness and enhance organization competitiveness.

Our Certification Strategy focuses on keeping the learner motivation elevated by making customized and relevant content available in the most relevant format. We design a program that ensures learning is integrated into the day-to-day routine of the employee and is delivered in the right format and device in appropriate quantities. The programs are complete with reinforcement and continuous practice and evaluation; thus encouraging learners to acquire new skills and certify themselves while on the job. We offer end-to-end certification, training and consulting to:

Evaluate business challenges to create relevant learner “day-in-the-life” profiles

Consider existing content and resources to create a learning schedule break down of different modules

Recommend a blend of training, content and resource gathering to facilitate collaboration for easy access and knowledge sharing.

Recommend content and technology roadmap for continuously scored evaluation to maximize learner effectiveness