The business world is moving faster than ever before striving to become more global. In this renewed business environment, geographically dispersed teams are expected to work together in sync paving the way for the adoption of new technologies that help employees communicate, collaborate, and share effortlessly. This has given rise to an entire generation of employees who expect their workplace to have the necessary infrastructure, application and

processes that enable them to be productive despite the globally spread out teams. By focusing on collaboration and communication and collaborative learning solution, organizations are ensuring workplace architecture allows for a real-time exchange of information and decision-making. Our Collaborative Learning Solution enables our customers to create a fluid and agile organization that boost productivity, improve employee morale, and set the stage for the next generation organization.



Marketing Communication

Our solutions help the Marketing Communication function employ internal and external communication strategies and channels to enhance the brand’s position and maintain top-of-mind recall. We enable this by creating various brand advocacy programs, launch new initiatives, applications and training programs, promote internal departments and their activities, create promotional assets for events and seminars and act as change agents in training internal and external audiences on brand initiatives, values, and attributes. Our solutions involve creating various multi-media communication assets from concept to delivery.



Portals and Communities

Typically built around existing IT infrastructure in an organization, our Portal and Community management solutions provide a comprehensive view of the types of information available in the enterprise and identifies productivity enhancement opportunities at the right level of granularity. So whether it is an onboarding portal that provides new hires an environment to acclimatize to the organization’s culture, values, functions, and processes, or an enterprise, product or vertical specific portal built for social collaboration complete with micro learning nuggets, wikis, blogs, discussion boards, and business intelligence capabilities, our solutions are known to increase collaboration and spur innovation.



SharePoint Workflows

Our end-to-end SharePoint Workflow solutions ensure that you are able to communicate, share, and leverage your intellectual capital to identify solutions to myriad challenges within the company. We provide complete platform consulting, development and support, to integrate content on single unified platform powered by SharePoint Technologies. Whether it is custom development of portal or workflows or support required for upgradation and maintenance, our solutions establish SharePoint as a primary driver for content and processes.