Organizations that are committed to effective learning and are constantly looking at ways of enhancing the quality of employee learning have often chosen to strategically develop curriculum and embed a blended learning solution across the organization. An important step in improving the experience of learning is through introduction of newer engagement methodologies in Curriculum design and development and training. At the same time, modern Training Blend design recognizes the inherent value in blending traditional learning experiences with those of emerging technologies.

Our approach to Curriculum and Training Blend Design is ground in end-to-end Talent Development Process. We bring a variety of training formats and delivery methods together and combine

them to create the right curriculum to meet specific learning objectives. As a result, you can get prompt feedback, and set realistic timeframes/deadlines for tasks and set challenging expectations. Most importantly, given our core focus on Talent Management and Technology, we create a specific program that respects the diversity of talents and ways of learning.

Our service articulates strengths and weaknesses of the current program and defines one where none exists and then provides implementable roadmap involving a process of planning, designing, development, implementation, and reviewing. We offer consultancy in Curriculum Development and Training Blend Design to:

Create an integrated training strategy highlighting overlaps across roles thereby reducing redundancy and cost

Provide for a training roadmap for each role with defined curricula and timelines

Devise a framework for implementing and evaluating the training strategy