Increasingly organizations realize that a disengaged workforce is not only a less productive one but can be detrimental to business growth. While the use of game based learning techniques in motivating employees is not a new one, in recent years it has gained momentum and has proved to be crucial in creating engagement. The most effective use has been in cases where a business process has successfully integrated gaming elements with a design, psychology, group dynamics, and enterprise architecture to encourage higher levels of engagement.

For us, Learning Gamification is a deeply creative approach where we assimilate fundamental gaming and storytelling techniques and apply

it to a business process. Whether it is enabling personal development and growth or encouraging competition for achieving business goals or fostering collaboration and improving productivity, our Learning Gamification solutions have always seen remarkable results. The solution currently forks into two main approaches; the first applies elements of a game to existing enterprise applications or processes for an intended purpose, while the second incorporates game mechanics into learning with focused storytelling techniques. Both solutions can have social networks integrated into the offering that combines elements of motivation and instant gratification for higher engagement.



Game-Based Learning

Our Game-Based Learning solutions are aimed at enhancing learning experience by using a game flow as an instructional approach. The content is designed in a way that integrate gaming as a way of learning. This approach is highly interactive and engaging, and with our proprietary frameworks the gaming experience can be quickly and effectively deployed into a serious learning environment. An extension of this experience is to include social learning and communities into the learning game environment. That helps making learning richer as it helps incorporate various perspectives into the content.



Learning by Storytelling

Our unique Storytelling Learning solution encourages and trains communicators and leaders across the organization to use storytelling to communicate business messages in an engaging and impactful way. Delivered through a toolkit, customized resources and methodology that highlight the power of storytelling, this solution helps in capturing attention, engaging emotions, and delivering the message. Highly relevant for organization-wide communication programs that require extensive communiqu├ęs, storytelling ensures corporate objective are met by incorporating some of the key messages through the narrative