Organizations with global operations and international business often struggle to rollout learning and development content that is crucial to their business goals. The impact of implementing the learning and development program on a strategic priority can be multi-layered; hence working with an end-to-end learning partner becomes one of most crucial element for success in a new business environment.

We have developed one of the strongest and most comprehensive Localization and Global Rollout programs that combine the best in translation and cultural portability with a unique technical deployment and support infrastructure. The solution blends into local learning and development programs and enhances the scope of the global learning strategy.


Global Outreach

Our experience of implementing global rollouts for Fortune 500 customers across several languages and countries in the US, Europe and Asia have helped us create a unique framework for effective and rapid execution of localization process.




We offer translation and localization services spanning more than 70 languages and dialects, including all aspects of content (written, audio, visual and audio-visual). Our translators, proof-readers, editors and voice-over artists are native speakers of the target language. They all have a superior command over English, reside in the target market, and have had training or education background.



Technology Framework

Host of tools to ensure effective deployment and localization into one or more languages effortlessly.

External XML storage of course textual elements
External storage of graphical elements
Unique algorithm
Provision for text expansion
Dynamic Language Switching' technology


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Rollout Support

While IT infrastructure, LMS and tracking application maturity vary from country to country, our services ensure easy deployment of content in multiple LMS environments, SCORM, AICC and custom tracking, including a language supported LMS. During program launch, we provide Level 1 and Level 2 technical support to assist with the spike in queries and service requests.