An organization’s Procurement Function typically comprises a network of strategic, tactical and operational processes that interconnect at various points. As the organization evolves and grows, various operational stresses begin to build in the system which affects the network of procurement processes also. Depending on the stage of the organization’s evolution, operational stress can increase due to:

manuallyManually managed strategic business processes

process_gapsProcess gaps in existing business applications

breaksBreaks in the information flow across existing business applications

manualManual interventions and hand-offs across existing business applications

paper-basedPaper-based/ Manual documentation and workflows

Our Procurement Solutions Framework focusses on addressing such challenges to reduce the “operational stress” within the procurement processes.

We have helped many global organizations diagnose the root causes of such operational stress and have helped identify and isolate processes (or sub-processes and decision nodes) that are materially connected to other important activities. Based on the diagnosis, our consulting team also suggests the precise amount of digital automation at specific points to create links between these processes and sub-processes.

Our framework utilizes our expertise in Business Process Automation and Data Analytics, combined with industry best practices to create tailor-made, flexible, and modular solutions that optimize your procurement operations and delivers results. Our flexible framework can cater to unique Business Process Automation and Data Analytics needs which are either unique in nature or are dynamic and evolving and cannot be met using existing off the shelf products, or requires customization to existing off-the-shelf products/applications/business processes which may be complicated and expensive.


Contract Management System (CMS)

Positioned at the center of the procurement framework, the end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management, and Associated Workflows help control and track capability and compliance with contract details, timelines, and suppliers.

Contract Information System (CIS)

Crucial enabler for operational excellence this system manages supplier details over multiple data sources. The centralized view enables management of all vendor data, managing workflow for registering or rejecting a new supplier registration.

Logistics Management

Automating the end-to-end material procurement from multiple global suppliers helps organizations support operational processes by improving efficiency and accuracy, PO management, availability of all information online and make it available in Audit Ready State.

Supplier Performance and Evaluation

Helps in assessment and selection of the best suppliers, helping the organization analyze, conceptualize, design and develop a supplier performance and evaluation process unique to your organization that helps in the scoring of suppliers and completely automate the evaluation process.

Supplier Portal

Helps in building efficient and effective processes to manage supplier registrations. This portal can help you create online vendor registration, supplier performance evaluation matrix, report generation, managing process for supplier registration and integration with CIS.

Ad-hoc Solutions

One of the most vital enablers that helps you leverage your current system more efficiently, this custom solution is developed according to unique business processes. It facilitates ease of use, low TCO, easy adoption, and can be enhanced as you grow giving you complete ownership.