High-performance organizations are keenly aware of the increasingly crucial role talent management has in the organization’s growth. Companies with comprehensive talent management practices perform better in recessionary conditions and are known to thrive even when others struggle to stay afloat. Hence, effective talent management is now a priority in organizations across verticals and geographies and requires a sustained and strategic view of linking core competency and productivity with business priorities.

Our integrated Talent Management framework can synthesize linking of the larger talent strategy to business needs and to issues such as accelerated onboarding, rewarding performance, building a leadership pipeline and driving organizational learning. We ensure that our Talent Management solutions are systematic and well designed to enable teams to successfully develop, motivate and manage the highly skilled workforces that build organizations. We have supported clients in all aspects of talent management including the following:



New Hire Onboarding

We integrate a strong learning component in the new hire onboarding process to speed up time to competency and productivity with the organization. Our solutions have significantly reduced the time taken to be productive and have helped employees adjust to the social, functional and performance aspects of their jobs facilitating overall development. Whether it is an Onboarding Portal that has everything that an employee needs to know or quick readiness guides that act ready reckoners, our solution always ensure an effective blending of learning programs.



Awareness & Orientation

We develop Awareness and Orientation training programs that communicate how to understand constantly changing processes, certifications and additional capability for both initial onboarding orientation and growth later. As companies look to add capabilities, modify processes and change growth strategies, it becomes important to communicate and train associates continuously. Our solutions designed with components like videos, social elements, and quizzes; with traditional learning modules help build awareness across levels.



Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development Solutions focuses on capability building through targeted practices to promote, nurture and accelerate leadership from within the ranks. We focus on the development of not only hard skills like, value-stream mapping or capacity enlargement, but also focus on important skills that are softer. Our solution always ensure that content is appropriately delivered to create engagement and enhance participation from all functions and ranks particularly, the senior management.



Behavioral & Soft Skills

The success of an organization is ultimately dependent on skill-related attitudes and behaviors of their employees. Our solutions ensure that we target not just personal and managerial development but offer a comprehensive portfolio of soft skills like teamwork and collaboration, adaptability, problem solving, conflict resolution, meeting management, facilitating, that impact both the frontline and bottom line and push the collective emotional quotient of the intended audience.