While most organizations understand the importance of Training and Performance initiatives and spend significant sums doing so, many still grapple to recognize and articulate benefits. According to a McKenzie report only a quarter, have said that their programs are effective at improving performance measurably, and only 8 percent track the programs’ return on investment.

We believe that proper evaluation techniques provide your organization with proof of improved business performance. But to determine whether training is addressing the need, periodic assessments become crucial to success. Once training does turn out to be a necessity, the needs assessment will help to ensure

the right skills are targeted, and impact assessment will ensure positive training ROI (return on investment).

Our Training Evaluation Strategy consulting service is aimed at simplifying the process of evaluation. At the outset, we define and highlight what will be measured to ensure accountability. Whether it is a complex, multi-layered, long-term engagement, or a quick and simple consultative review of gaps and potential, we ensure your training initiative is reporting numbers so that it gets further supported. The framework of our evaluation consulting service is based on Dr. Donald Kirkpatrick’s model for training evaluation.

Custom training evaluation design, including questionnaires and system workflow designs

Evaluation plans for specific programs

Custom questionnaire designs and parameters, and survey implementation plans

Effective data collection and measurement framework

Detailed recommendation for entire implementation roadmap